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Peaches and Cream Cake

I baked a smorgasbord of cakes over the past month but did not click any blog-worthy pictures so they never got posted here.
Anyway, I baked this delicious cake (cakes, to be precise since I baked three!) a few days back but being the absolutely lazy bum I am, I never got around to click pictures.
But it was so good that I had no qualms about withstanding 104 degrees in my wee little kitchen to bake it again.

Being the substandard photographer that I am, the photos don't do justice to the cake nevertheless I love how it turned out.

Peaches and cream is one of my favourite flavor combinations and I think it is perfect for summer.
The sponge is Donna Hay's eponymous light as air vanilla cake, my go to recipe for vanilla sponge as it truly is the lightest vanilla cake I have come across in my many years of baking. I did not make any changes to the original recipe, save for swapping vanilla extract for seeds of vanilla beans.

The icing is light whipped cream as heavy butterc…

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