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A Trip To Singapore + What I Ate

After almost 4 years of wishful thinking and dreamy planning of a Singapore trip, it finally came to fruition in November of last year. It was my first international trip, a milestone I got to share with my younger brother for which I'll be forever grateful. Between my father's clinical approach to vacation planning and my mom's disinterest towards all trips, especially of the abroad kind, there was plenty of drama and excitement to go around but I loved every minute of it!
One of the highlights of the trip was that we travelled solely by the Singapore MRT, the country's equivalent of the metro, or by foot, and didn't hail a single cab during the entire stay- a feat considered we were travelling with a 9 year old. This helped us get to know and understand Singapore and its culture so much better even if our trip itself was a whirlwind.

Consider this a blog version of the #latergram as I share some memories - meals that left an impression and scenes that will forev…

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