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Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson, an author and renowned speaker in the field of education, gives a captivating talk in a TED conference in Montgomery, California on whether schools kill creativity in children.
He brings out the chinks in the public education system by pointing out the fact that it is educating children for a future no one knows.

He says that children have extraordinary capacities for innovation and dedication. One trait he particularly admires in children is taking chances. Kids are not scared of making mistakes, which according to the speaker changes when we grow up.
The society stigmatizes mistakes and the national education system reiterates this by portraying mistakes as wrong.
As a result, we are today falling out of creativity instead of growing into it.
The speaker also brings to light the fact that the same hierarchy in subjects is maintained all over the world. On the top are mathematics and languages followed by the humanities. Arts occupies the bottom rung. The fact that educat…

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