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Jabez' First Cake

I remember I was around 10 or 11, my memory belies me now, when I baked my first cake. I had been baking with my father since long before that- dense, candied fruits-speckled pound cake loaves on Christmas which were then distributed to neighbours, friends and family.
But that one night, fueled by too many episodes of MasterChef Australia, I felt it necessary that I bake my own cake, from scratch. I wanted to rise above flour-sifting and sugar-measuring and egg cracking duty.
So I did.
A sickly sweet Victoria sponge, made even more saccharine with a mint infused simple syrup, dry and overbaked and crumbling at the first sight of contact. I remember it still being absolutely delicious though.
Everyone loved it. Especially my grandfather, lover of everything sweet that he is.  Maybe the moment has been rose-tinted by the happiness of that memory, and smudged around the edges by time.

I've made quite a progress since then. There have been quite a few cakes. Simple chocolate ones. Complex l…

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