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Mapping the Experience: Saying it like it is

The coming up of the Metro shed in Aarey is a bone of contention among many environmental activists. As part of our final semester assessment, we got a project to create a multi-pronged campaign to garner support on the issue.
When we were given the project, I was skeptical about the impact we would be able to make. A lot has already been done and is being done, for Aarey, and I didn’t think that our efforts would make a dent.
The group as a whole was also not sure of what we could possibly achieve as mere college students when so many, much more experienced people before us have tried without measurable success.At the same time, as mass media students, we tend to believe ourselves as people who will change the world with good and honest journalism. This idea invariably pushed us to do the work we ended up doing.
We gave each other different roles suggested by our professor. That really helped us get a clear idea of what needed to be done, who was going to do what and how we were going t…

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