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Of Half-Read Books & Overwhelming Happiness

Monsoon is in full swing, college is in full swing, life is in full swing.
Though my happiness high may been watered down by the incessant downpour these days, there is enough in life for me to be overjoyed to the point of hysteria.

Books for instance.
My reading style may have underwent a change, but boy, my love for books hasn't. So, that means I will still spend a bulk of college allowance on fat tomes of fiction non-fiction travel philosophy war history and everything in between (though not so much on romance).

Currently I am trying to juggle between five books and let me tell you, for someone who never (emphasis on never) picked up a new book before finishing the one at hand, this is huge.
It is massive. Life-changing, even.

I am the super-woman with several pairs of hands, flipping through Travels With Charley before butting my head into a bit of O. Henry. When I have had enough of short stories and romantic road trips, there is nothing like re-reading On The Road for a pal…

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