New Beginnings & New Stories

This year is a year of fresh starts and tidings.

 I started college in the first week of July and I couldn't be happier or more excited. I ca't wait to grow in this journey of three years.

One of the (many) upsides of studying in a college which is a melting pot of different cultures is that you get to meet interesting people with stories much different than your own. And when you do, you listen to those tales.

Long and short. Never-ending, winding tales. Tales which bring a smile on your face. Tales which tell the you the story of people's life. Tales where you share the embarrassment with the person or maybe laugh along with them on the awkward bits.

Here is my take on it, as part of our media class assignment.

The same tales.

Only tinier.

Terribly tinier.

Terribly tiny tales.

"Traveled the whole world, city to city.
Finally made one his home.
But sometimes the first experience in a city,
is not what you want it to be."

"In her words - talkative and sincere.
With gleaming eyes and big dreams,
she hopes to provide a platform to those
who could use a helping hand."

"A passion for all things football,
 is what drives him to be better.
 A hard worker,
he may be a person of few words
but he has umpteen talent."


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