No child's play

Ever wondered why the grass is green, why the flowers so vibrant and the sky so blue?
That are the questions one would expect from a toddler, still trying to take in the vast world that engulfs him in its embracing arms the minute he is born.

But ask these questions to a grownup and pat comes the reply.
‘NO’. Or even better, an extensive scientific explanation.

Do we exhaust our magical power of curiosity to such an extent that it vanishes the minute we step into adulthood?

As I skimmed through my nearlysix year old brother’s pieces of art the other day, I could not help but feel a sense of something indescribable. I stared with awe, not at the way he had captured the smiling sun, or the riot of colours below. Not even at the sleeping moon sharing space with his morning counterpart which defies even the strongest theories.

No, I stared in awe, calculating the distances his mind must have travelled in the chasms of imagination, where the proud- standing mountains are nothing but a bland shape and the massive rivers of life a mere trickle.

In that world, there was no war, no hatred and everyone was equal, it really didn’t matter if you lived in a big house or drove a posh car because well, everything was same, so monotonous but so exciting at the same time.

I was just about to reach a field of hand-painted flowers, stretching as far as the eyes can see when the droning voice of the idiot box stirred me back to reality.
A recently concluded research has ruled out the possibility of aliens living on Mars…..”

A faint flicker of smile came on my amused visage as I headed back to my room.

The child is the father of the man.

This post would have been incomplete without a picture of one of my brother's creations. :)


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