Yes, there are good people in this world

There are some places in this world, hidden gems I like to call them, which change you and your viewing angle of life. Today, we ( I in particular) complain about the growing inhumanity of humans and  criticize the robotic heart which beats inside all of us. A visit to the Andamans some time back  changed all that. Not the reality, but my perspective for sure. The stunning beauty aside, it is really the splendour and simplicity of human life which really catches your eye.

The result: I could'nt sit still until I had written a story on the enthralling experience.
So, well, here it is.

             In today’s world where nobody can be trusted, a small incident reignites the belief in humanity.

It was a clear day. The warmth from the buttery yellow sun provided comfort from the slight nip in the air. It was the last day of the week-long vacation and I was already nostalgic. Apart from relaxing, the trip had given me endless fond memories and important lessons. As I took an early morning walk down the beach, rushes of one such special occasion came flooding back.
It was the first day of my vacation. Being one of those adventurous travellers, I had not exactly planned my trip. On reaching the airport, I was apprehensive of the innumerable taxi drivers who jumped to ferry me. As I would come to know later, the reality was far brighter (and better) from my pessimistic thoughts. Blocking out my sixth sense, I went ahead and hired a taxi to drop me at the resort. I reached safely at the destination, my luggage fully intact. The people I met were very friendly, a pleasant change from the ignorant and busy people of metropolitans. Even when it came to food, I was not disappointed. It was the freshest and the best food I had ever had in ages. The fare was extravagant, yet so simple and the flavours just bombarded your senses, bursting in the mouth.
Completing the lunch, my hunger satisfied, I headed to the welcoming beach. The strange instinct of forgetting something kept nagging at the back of my mind. But as my sixth sense had proved to be wrong once, I avoided it and plunged for a quick swim in the refreshing blue waters of the ocean, beautifully punctuated by the soft, white sand. Barely a minute had passed when a man came running towards me, waving his hands wildly in the air.As my face changed colour and insides went numb, realization came crashing; it was my precious wallet with my cash, credit cards and mobile phone in it.The man pressed the cream-coloured wallet into my hand, and I checked all my belongings with a feeling mixed with relief and anxiety. Before I could compose myself, the man had disappeared. He went back as quickly as he had come.As I turned to go, a small hand-written note slipped out of the wallet. It said, “Yes, there are good people in this world.”
Yes, there are good humans in this world, worth writing a story on.


  1. Great articles......Sarah.A nice start to your blog.
    :) :) <3

    1. Thank you Tanya! your appreciation matters a great deal. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I hope it does. the world right now needs more stories like these :)


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