A post of firsts

We all have our memories of firsts

My firsts are a long long list, of which I remember only a handful.

My first step. Dad was leaving for a business trip. Getting late for the flight, he almost forgot his medicines. I, all of one, took upon my tiny self to ensure that he took his pills. I ran towards dad to give him the medicine. Voila!

My first day at school. I was probably the only one who was not accompanied by my parents, though they were keeping an eye on me from a safe distance. I still remember the orange lolly served in school. It was a hot day. I tried hard to eat the lolly without getting it all over my face and brand new school uniform  even as others were helped by their folks. The flowery hankerchief pinned on my shirt was of no help. I was very angry at mum and dad for not coming with me but I'm thankful today. My first day at school was also my first moment alone.

My first friend. A guy whose name I can't even recall. But I remember his face, and the memory of us playing in his kitchen while our mothers conversed in the living room is still livid.

My first full-fledged novel. I got it as a small gift on daughter's day in grade one. The shiver as I went through pages and pages of words without a single illustration is still fresh in my mind. But I loved the experience, whole of it.

My first dish without the help of my mum or granma. It was a cake. A crumbly Victoria sponge with a syrup so cloyingly sweet that it almost made you puke. But the cake was my first culinary creation and the too-sweet memory will always linger in my mind.

My first stint with writing. Though I have been writing rubbish for as long as I can remember, It was only recently, in grade five, that I began to take my musings on paper seriously. And my first piece was none other than a poem, something which I confess I'm very, very bad at.

I know there will be many more new beginnings. Many more firsts in the years to come.

The old firsts are slowly melding into the wisps of time. But I will still cling onto them. The memories of my firsts.


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