Examtime Madness


Its been 1 month and 19 days (or 20? I am not really good at this) since I last posted.

The past two months have been total madness, what with all the end-moment studies mock exams tutions and general end-moment jitters.

My exams are not over yet, still two to go. But I can't imagine spending one extra week without posting, no not even one day.

So here I am, with absolutely no idea what I'm going to write about.

As I have nothing sane to write about today (forgive me, my over-worked brains have quite reached the boiling point of creativity), I am just going to give a list of all the food blogs that I absolutely adore.

#1  Sweetapolita


Rosie and her passion for cakes and everything pretty has been and still is a big inspiration for me when it comes to baking. Her blog is totally the best 'cake' blog I've ever come across and her recipes are completely fool-proof, not to mention jaw-dropping gorgeous and knock-your-socks-off delicious. And she loves sprinkles too. Yay!

#2  Top with cinnamon

Izy Hossack, 19, started blogging when she was just 15. She is an amazingly talented person and her recipes, which are twists to beloved classics are a rage all over the world. I love 'em too!

#3  Veg recipes of India

It is the go-to blog for novice cooks looking for vegetarian recipes. With step-by-step pictures, you cannot go wrong with any recipe, be it dal makhani or dum biryani. What's more, the food is lip-smacking too.

#4  i am a food blog

With huge, poster size food photos that give you every single stomach-rumbling detail you'd want of the food , this blog is a winner. With interesting recipes, self-depracating humour and light-hearted writing style, it is sure to lift your spirits (and hunger pangs).

Happy blogging!

I'll be back  and regular once the exams get over (pinky promise).



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