Let it rain

As you might know, it is rainy season here in India.

That means gorging on delicious bhutta (roasted corn on the cob) and helping brother make paper boats to float in the waterlogged streets.

I get to wear my favourite raincoat (OK, I think the bright pink rain coat with cutesy sheep on it might not be quite,you know, suitable for a 16 y.o.), eat fried pakoras and fritters and fried everything (maybe not everything) or just sit and watch the raindrops go pitter-patter as they hit the ground.

The nature enjoys the rains too. The trees are greener, the flowers happier and the foliage thicker.

Birds dance with joy and relief as they enjoy the showers and take beakfuls of water into their parched throats.

The dry earth also eagerly soaks up the water, a broad smile on its wet face.

The whole landscape, withered tired and dusty after the harsh summer is awash with cheery colours of greens reds and pinks with the dramatic pewter sky as a backdrop.

But for me, nothing is more endearing than the scent the rain brings with its onset. The faint earthy smell of slightly wet earth intermixed with the fragrance of blooming flowers.
It makes me feel happy, nostalgic and patriotic.
It makes me feel good.


I sit in the balcony with a cup of steaming hot ginger tea in my hand. The cool damp breeze blows over my face and undone hair as dark clouds swirl together and the sky turns a sombre blue grey.

I think it is going to rain.

Coming soon: the blog is turning one this saturday! 

Have a good day :)



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