Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out

In today’s mirror world, it is hard to be left out. You must see what is going on in the lives of others, they must see yours. You need to be up to date with every single event happening in every corner of the world.

So you need to be online on Facebook 1440 minutes a day, need to check for updates on Twitter 86,400 times and totally have to scroll through your IG feed more times than that. Of course it’s important, silly.

You absolutely need to know when Kim Kardashian is going to get her mani done or when will Donald Trump overthrow Leonardo DiCaprio as meme king (maybe he already has).

You also need to be aware of the latest beauty hack, because duh. Last time I checked, it was strobing. What? Is it something else now? Oh my God I think I missed out. 

And have you tried koji or chlorophyll yet, or even Artesian water bottled in New Zealand from a 680-foot-deep protected confined water aquifer? What, still stuck up with ceviche or harissa? Pfft. That’s so 2015.

 And fashion? Let’s just say that you should swap your recently bought gingham dress for an onesie (don’t ask).

My phone’s battery is dead. Please. That means I’ll have to stay offline for 5 seconds. Oh God. What if there is an alien invasion and everybody dies? Or what if Zayn Malik releases his latest single and I am not the first one to know?


Joy of Missing Out

I have not been through my IG feed since 15 days (no I’m not kidding and before you ask, no, my phone is completely 100% charged). I have not uploaded any status on Facebook, have not chatted with anyone on WhatsApp and have no idea what’s currently trending on Twitter.

 And you know what? I’m alive. Alive and kicking and never been better. That alien invasion? Well let’s just say it never came. And Zayn Malik did release It’s You. And I was not the first one to know.

But I exist.

The world exists.

What? You need to know the latest life hack that made me see through the most difficult (not) days of my life?

Well I’ll let you on a secret.

 You don’t need to spend your whole life online to be deemed alive.

You don’t need to scroll mindlessly through IG and Facebook every second of your day. You don’t need to anticipatedly wait with half-bitten nails for something to break the internet. You don’t need to be part of that group conversation on WhatsApp.

You don’t need to be a part of everything happening around you to feel more in sync with your surroundings.

Sometimes sitting on the rooftop on a summer day, humming to your favorite song with the cool wind brushing in your face as you gaze at the stars does it.

It makes you feel a part of this world.

Makes you feel connected with every single person alive and breathing on this planet.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you are in a company of someone more important. Most important.



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