Dreams And Passions Revealed

As fluffy white clouds played hide and seek with the sun, I lay on the soft heather and dreamt.
I dreamed about beautiful lands and loving pets, of loads of books and scrumptious, mouth-watering food (of course).

When I was in grade 1, I always dreamt of becoming a scientist (I know right, it sounds boring), handling sophisticated equipments and rattling out complex words.

And then suddenly books entered my boring life.  Days and nights were spent reading books after books. Under the blanket, on the couch, in the loo, during class lectures. I was hooked to reading, and rightly so. The way I am today, the way I think and the way I write, has been majorly shaped by those lovely books. 

Oh. And how can I forget the satisfaction of cooking and baking (I can never give up baking. No, not even if the world ended). Earlier, as a kid, I loved eating food. Now, I love eating and cooking food. Cooking for me is similar to writing; it is guided by my moods. I cook when I am happy and I cook when I am sad.

Then, as I entered my teenage, my dreams changed along with my life. Though science still sounded interesting, I realised that I did not want to be known as a scientist when I grew up.
I wanted to be a writer-cum-food blogger-cum-entrepreneur. Interesting, eh?

Cut to today. I’m just two years away from becoming an adult and I’m a strange mix of all these dreams and passions. I love science but my heart beats for books. Writing gives me goose bumps and cooking still satisfies me.

People say I’m weird. They think I’m detached and bubbly at the same time. That in this world where people are obsessed with themselves and live a life to please others, I am a misfit. That I’m wasting my potential by taking up something as trivial and insignificant as writing.

But I’m okay. Weird sounds good. J

Note: This beautiful picture was clicked by my amazingly talented friend A. It was a parting gift from her when I changed schools.


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