Irritating Illnesses

I have got a bad cold. And cough. And everything in between.
And just when I thought things couldn't get much worse than a stuffy nose and an endless cough, my ear got blocked.
Yes, blocked. Like my audition (yes, that is apparently the word for sense of sound) is perfect a second before and gone a second after.
Let me tell you (if you have never had the good luck of having a blocked ear that is), that a blocked ear 
1)  is very very irritating. Like pull-your-hair-off irritating.
2) is painful. My mom says there are two things most painful in the world. One, toothache and second, ear ache. Toothache we all have gone through, but ear ache is taking pain and torture to a completely different level.
3) makes you feel paralysed. Imagine not being able to hear from one ear. Imagine that half of your body is inside a big bubble and is blocking any sound from outside. OK, you get the idea.

What, three things aren't enough?

So now that we started on irritating illnesses, my mind is full of them.
I don't know why some illnesses have to be so irritating, like them being illnesses wasn't enough.

Take cold. Stuffy and runny noses were bad enough, and then somebody added splitting headaches, peek-a-boo sneezes and drowsiness to the mix. Result: you become a red nosed deranged.

Or food poisoning. You have to go through the torture of running to the bathroom every second and endure the feeling of bile rushing up your throat. Yuck. The most difficult part is trying to make a straight face when people ask if you’ve got vomiting or the runs. Irritating much?

Then there is something so magical about coughs. They will be still and sleeping otherwise but the minute you step into a silent room (read an examination hall) they suddenly have the urge to make themselves heard. Talk about correct timings.

Oh, and did I mention those stomach aches? The ones which make you look like you just learned to walk? But then, I cannot complain much about them. They may not help me when I need to miss my P.E.

I can go on and on and on. But as my urge to wrench my bad ear right off my head supersedes the one to continue writing, I will go now.



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