When Exams Come Calling

With exams knocking at our doors, every student (me included) are losing our sense and sleep over them.

Here is what everybody tells you should do for the dreaded exams in order to ace.

1. Take a deep breath and analyse your present situation.
2. Make a list of what all subjects and areas require your special attention. Devote more time to these.
3. Study in spurts. Take short refreshing breaks in between.
4. Take notes and pay attention in class. Clarify your doubts.
5. Eat a healthy diet and sleep well.

Most important of all, they tell you this 'golden' point,

# Hardwork is the key to success. You have to work really really hard, like really really hard to get good grades in exams.

Yeah, thanks. That was like 101 on the encouragement meter.

And what we actually do.

1. Take a deep breath and panic.
2. All lists and notes can go in the bin. We don't have time even to study the whole syllabus.
3. Study for 1 hour and take 2 hours of break. This one is so cliched but so true.
4. Never pay attention in class. Turn your room upside down a day before the exam searching for those notes you know you had not written.
5. Sustain on midnight meals of fries cakes cookies and a gazillion cups of coffee. Talk about sticking to healthy diets.

Most important of all,

# Sometimes luck is the only key to success. The geek sitting beside you in the examination hall is proof.

Best of luck for your exams. May the odds be ever in your favour!

Geez. I must go now. I forgot I have to study, not blog.


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