5 Books That Changed My life

Being the book-o-maniac that I am, it seems almost insane that I never mentioned my favourite books, books that changed my life at a time when I myself was going through transformation.

Without much ado, I bring to you the 5 books which changed my life. The books are in a chronological order. I have mentioned the age at which I read the book besides its name.

#1  The Famous Five #14  (6 years)

My first full-fledged book sans glossy pages and in-your-face illustrations. the book opened the door to a whole new world for me and is in a way responsible for my love affair with books.

#2  Malgudi Schooldays  (8 years)

Even the mere mention of the book evokes fond memories of the charming little town in which the story is set and the protagonist's  escapades. My first book by an Indian author, Malgudi Schooldays taught me that life is not always about being good in the eyes of others, it is about being pure and simple at heart.

#3  The Alchemist  (14 years)

Simplicity at its best. There is no rocket science in the plot, but it's the beliefs on which the book is built, that really gets you. I have now and again leaned on this book for support whenever I have doubted my dreams.

#4  A Thousand Splendid Suns  (15 years)

I am not a very emotional person and I don't cry easily. In fact, I rarely cry at all (not that its a good thing). And THIS book made me cry, cry continuously for hours. Enough said.

#5 Midnight's Children  (nearly16 years)

My most recently read book, its a pure gem. the story meanders through, unveiling itself like a multi-wrapped birthday present. A truly layered novel by an amazing author. It tested my understanding of contemporary english writing style in a way, but was worth every single look in the dictionary. ;)

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