Joy of Baking + Happy Children's Day

Browsing the best cake recipes for hours on end.

Double-checking all the ingredients, lest you miss any.

Feverishly mixing, whisking, folding (and tasting).

Anxiously peeping into the oven to see your creation take edible form. Your excitement rising along with the cake.

The house enveloped in a heady aroma of freshly baked cake that teases your senses to no end.

The first bite. Billowy tasty tasty cake. Pure Bliss.

But the best part?

No. Not the first bite, no. Not the appreciation by others, though it could come a close second.

No. It is the split seconds it takes for the cake to disappear from their plates. The content smiles of a full stomach.

A content smile on your face too. No, it is not because you stuffed your face with baked goods, it is something else.

The joy of baking. :)


In our part of the world, its Children's Day today!

I may be sixteen now, but I still love Children's Day. After all, no matter how old we may be, there is a child in each of one of us. Because life seems so dull and dead without the idiosyncrasies that come with childhood. The innocence, the imagination (here), the idyllic carefree life.

Wishing everyone a Happy Children's Day!


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